Wonder Women of Dentistry; Danielle Wonders, RDH

I am so happy to feature Danielle Wonders as this weeks, Original Fashion Trends

 “Wonder Women of Dentistry”. She is a dedicated and caring Dental Hygienist and has been influential in bringing something technologically new and innovative to the Dental Hygiene profession.

I met Danielle through Dental Hygiene groups that we both follow on social media. We have been communicating and have been friends since then. She has a story to tell, and I am so happy to have the opportunity and platform to help her tell it.

This goes to show you that social media is powerful when you utilize it in a positive way. 

What I have learned recently as a new entrepreneur is that communicating personally through social media outlets and being authentic is what really matters. We all need to live our lives to the fullest, now more than ever, and sometimes that isn’t always easy. There are always going to be adversities and obstacles in our way, but it’s our mindset and inclination to reach out for help that can change everything.

Meeting and reaching out to new people and working together to genuinely help each other can really change a person's well being, and may also help so many others. Danielle is going to help so many Dental Hygienist’s and the whole dental team. Starting with her need, she created something that others may need as well..

Here is Danielle Wonders' story,

“My name is Danielle Wonders. I am a hygienist, small business owner, wife, and mother of two girls. My interest in dental hygiene started in middle school. I met a superhero of a woman who was a hygienist while riding horses with my mother. She sparked my interest in the career with her passion, strength, and independence not just for her career but life in general. 

Following high school I completed the dental hygiene program at the College of Southern Nevada as fast as I could. I then went on to work in private practice working in the same offices for long periods of time. I had a shift in priorities once having children. My second daughter had a congenital heart defect, which required surgery. After surgery I was fired from my office of seven years via text message. I was devastated to say the least. Moving on I felt a shift in my perspective as an employee, I had to take care of my family first. A few years later my husband took a job out of our hometown and we moved to Northern Nevada. Once settled in at our new home, I decided to shift slightly within the profession working strictly as a temp. I am now able to control everything from, start and stop times, how much I make, I work around school events, and it totally sparked my passion again! Working in so many different offices I eventually found myself struggling to stay on top of all the specifics, including who owed me what and when it was due. This stressor led me to working on a solution for myself and others in my position. I decided I needed to make an app! 

 My new app was designed with the intention to simplify and organize the business of temping.  The app now allows me to easily store and send work documents for employee enrollment, with an expiring link to protect my information.  The app also stores my work schedule using a dental office specific contact section. This allows me to store basic contact info and payment agreement details, plus has an area for notes to remind me of office specifics.  I love going into an office with a little help remembering software, instruments, and staff names from previous experiences. The app utilizes the calendar with the office contact information, to generate an alert for pay period payments. So, I have not missed a pay period since using the app!   The app is the place I store CE and the way I double check for W2’s at tax time.  This experience has been challenging as tech does not come naturally to me, but with the help of an amazing business coach, developer, and family support my app launched May 2019. 

The app is called the Gypsy Dental Temping App. The name is a play on words, while temping when patients ask to see me again, my go to response is “I am just a dental gypsy” which usually gets a laugh or smile. My dream with this app is to help and simplify the process of temping for everyone.  One of my main goals for 2020, is to simplify the process to find a temp, reducing stress for permanent staff, business owners, and office managers. While helping those who temp to find work on their terms. I want this process to have significantly less fees and less contractual involvement as agencies currently do.  The current version of my app is a free download in both the Google Play and App Store, with an option to upgrade after the trial period for $19.99/year. Please feel free to reach out with suggestions or input as the app is constantly adapting and improving!”~

~Danielle Wonders 

Danielle is wearing the adorable tooth with heart necklace in Sterling Silver .925. We are happy to now offer it in 14 KT yellow gold. Great for graduation gifts and team building.

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Written By Tami O'Connell

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